MHS Tropican Speech 2013

Mossy Head School’s fourth and fifth grade students participated in the Tropicana Speech Competition on November 20, 2013. Three finalists from each fourth and fifth grade classroom competed for an opportunity to share their speech at the Walton County Tropicana Speech Competition on December 5th. Fourth grade finalists include: Kira Young, Makenzi Bielec, Haylee Hayes, Saphrine Menser, Lily Pryor, and Brayden Harbridge. Fifth grade finalists include: Brianna Wright, Emily Wilson, Terra Atlow, Cayli Henning, Carson Freiberger, and Anna Seigler. Congratulations to the winners! Fourth grade: Haylee Hayes (3rd place), Saphrine Menser (2nd place), and Lily Pryor (1st place). Fifth grade: Emily Wilson (3rd place), Terra Atlow (2nd place), and Cayli Henning (1st place).