Keep your child learning all summer long! 

Mossy Head School

2015 Summer Learning Program

Who is the program for?

All Mossy Head School students

How long will it last?

June 5-August 9

Why is this program important?

Mossy Head School fosters a love for learning reading, writing, and math. We want our students to continue to grow academically, even while on summer vacation.

What do I do?

1)    Complete the “Summer Express” workbook (The workbook is designed for 10 weeks but you will only have 9 weeks to complete it. So, be sure to pace yourself this summer!) **This workbook was sent home in a "I Love Reading" backpack at the end of school.**

2)    Return your “Summer Express” Workbook to school by Friday, August 14, 2015. All students who return a completed workbook will earn a reward!


What other things are included in the backpack?

1)    Read your 5 NEW books and complete activities that go along with them

2)    Practice your math fluency with flashcards

3)    Practice your writing in your new journal

4)    Encourage your child to get on the computer and access our online resources: 

**Each website requires a student login and password. Student logins and passwords were sent home in the "I love reading" summer backpack.