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April is Florida School Volunteer Appreciation Month. We at MHS would like to thank those individuals who volunteer their time to support our school. Our volunteers play an important role in supporting our students, teachers and staff. We would like to say a special "thank you" to our volunteers for all of their hard work.

2019 Science Fair winners

February 28, 2019

Pictured:  top row (L to R) Camila White (5th Grade - 1st Place), Evan Hester (5th Grade - 2nd Place), Ronita Hinote (Principal), Branwyn White (5th Grade - 3rd Place), Foster Stephenson (5th Grade - Honorable Mention); bottom row (L to R) Penelope White (4th Grade - 1st Place), Evan Trammel (3rd Grade - 1st Place), Cameron Kingsley (3rd Grade - 2nd Place), Chyanne Gregor (4th Grade - 2nd Place), Hunter Seigler (3rd Grade - 3rd Place), Noah Dunaway (4th Grade - 3rd Place)