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Students enjoyed a Superhero themed field day with a special visitor.

Incredibles Sack Race

Ninja Turtle Pizza Box Relay

Phone Booth Relay

Hulk Tug-O-War

Aquaman Relay

Kryptonite Clean up

Mossy Head's kindergarten class loved being ranch hands for a day at the Rocking B-A-B Ranch. This opportunity gave our students the ability to learn and interact with numerous animals at the farm. They learned about peacocks, chickens, hedgehogs, lemurs, camels, and so much more. Our students learned how to hold a baby chicken and how a lemur eats a banana. They learned how to a lasso a hay steer and rode on a tractor train. They enjoyed their lunch and a snow cone at the big red barn. Thank you so much, Rocking B-A-B Ranch, for an experience our kindergarteners will never forget!

Earth Day is a day we don’t take for granted at Mossy Head school, and thanks to Cemex USA, our students have even more access to the needed resources to help protect our planet. In recognition of this year’s Earth Day, Cemex USA donated a collection of six books to our library that will help our students understand the need for environmental conservation. These great resources will enable our students to reflect on their individual impact on the environment and allow them the opportunity to see why our planet is so important. We at Mossy Head School would like to thank Cemex USA for reaching out to our community and giving our students yet another chance to help change the world for the better.   

Are you interested in paying for your child's school lunch online? Please see information below:

First, you will need your child's date of birth or 10 digit student ID number to set up the payment account.

Then, visit to begin making payments.

A few things you need to know:

     - There is a $2.50 convenience fee for each transaction.

     - The secure website lets parents establish a free account and add money using credit card, debit card or electronic check—anytime, day or night.

     - With, parents can view their student’s meal transactions and meal account balance, as well as set a low balance reminder and receive alert notifications via email.

We "bee-lieve" in you!!

April 21, 2017

First graders created a motivational poster for 3-5 graders taking FSA. They drew bees and colored the message, "We "bee"lieve in you!," to encourage those students to do their best on FSA.
Students at Mossy Head School were visited by Deputy Kristin Pond and K9 Kayne from the Walton County Sheriff's Office to learn about her job as a K9 deputy. In class, the students read a book about a police officer and his K9.  The students were then able to compare and contrast the character in the book with Deputy Pond and Kayne.