House Meeting

MHSโ€™ house system is in full swing, and the excitement can be felt throughout our school!

On Tuesday, September 5, 2023, houses met separately for fun and informative breakout sessions before joining everyone else in the lunchroom for an exciting All House meeting.

At this monthโ€™s house meeting, we announced that students can give โ€œempathy calloutsโ€ to recognize peers who exhibit this character trait for the month of September.  During the meeting, students learned that we show empathy when we understand or share the feelings of someone else.  MHS empathy callouts will be shared on our morning show, and ten house points will be awarded to those students who got caught in the act of showing empathy.

This month, houses can also compete within their classrooms in our attendance banner competition.  Each day that everyone in a house is present in the class, the house can color in a letter on the banner.  Within each classroom, the house with the banner filled or the most colored letters at the end of the month will receive 50 house points.

And finally, it pays to make it to school on time to learn!  Students who receive no tardies in September will participate in a No Tardy Party!

So many fun things are happening at MHS as we aim to be the most respectful, responsible, compassionate, and self-controlled Mustangs we can be!